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Instant Messaging for Collaborative Learning

Embrace instant messaging to the educational environment

Instant Messaging for collaborative learning

In our current world, students have grown up with the computer and Internet. Technology comes easily for them, providing several opportunities for exchanging information and experiences. In this way, Instant Messaging (IM) is a primary communication technology that has been rapidly adopted by the younger generation as it allows a real-time communication with friends anytime, anywhere.

Educators should embrace IM to the educational environment as it is a collaborative tool that goes beyond the classroom walls, motivates students to develop their skills, enables a rapid feedback and promotes the student's engagement in the learning process.

Benefits of instant messaging in the classroom

Benefits of IM in the classroom

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  • Encourages contact between students and faculty.
  • Facilitates feedback and promotes an active learning.
  • Develops cooperation among students.
  • High levels of interactivity and engagement
  • World experts can participate
  • Gives confidence to shy students
  • Alternative way of learning
  • Presence for distance/remote students
  • Connect from anywhere - home, school, mobile
  • Promotes a more informal and intimate student-educator relationship

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Why Instan-t in the classroom?
Our IM solution is definitively an excellent collaborative tool in educational environments. It integrates all the aforementioned benefits of IM in the classroom plus other features such as:
  • A secure and encrypted private IM network avoiding risks, safety breaches, distractions and potential predators
  • All messages are stored on the student's computer in case he needs to check it
  • Transfer documents, homework and materials into your network
  • Facial expressions and body language can be perceived through the video chat
  • Make online presentations over the internet by showing your screen
  • Remote desktop that allows teachers to write and review documents
  • Fluent interactivity among students through the multi-person video chat room
  • Add specific users to student's contact list, ideal for external teachers
  • Facilitate audits by storing a copy of every message sent and received
  • Entire management of the IM network through a web-based administration console
  • Student's interface can be customized: banner and side panel content

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