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Develop instant messaging applications

The IM SDK allows:
  • Integration of Instant Messaging features into any application
  • Communication between your application and any AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber (Google Talk) Messenger users
  • Using the Instant Messaging Infrastructure for application to application communication
  • Integration of Voice and Video Chat features into any application

Using the SDK, developers can create in hours what would normally take weeks or months without it.

Integrate IM features into any application

Who is it for?

Windows Developers using:

  • Visual Basic 6
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Visual C#.NET
  • Visual C++
  • Other COM programming languages
  • Other .NET languages
What does it include?

The IM SDK includes:

  • IM SDK .NET dll and runtimes
  • 6 Sample applications with full source code
  • 11 Tutorial lessons with sample code to quickly learn the SDK API
  • Full SDK API Reference Guide
  • IM Server software (during the free trial you can download the IM Server or we can host it for you in our data center)
  • IM Network Administration Console to manage your private IM network

Five SDK IM editions that meet your needs.

Five IM SDK editions to meet your needs

For any other questions please contact or call us 1 - 866 - 377 - 2382

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